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"All the world's a stage "

The greatest ever to have graced this earth.
If arrogance could live long after death
I'm sure that the first I could write the words
Stuck up upon his grave. Wherever it is.
But he was right, and his famous words are right
And so I don my actors mask, open curtains,
Enter right. Play my part, rehearsed roles
Lost as soon as discourse ensues. Wrong
Words are uttered, tempers flare. Exit left.

Tonight the sound of paper falling
Will batter hard. And harder still, day two
Each day, the weight of the mask growing.
The burden of despair a grim foe to face.
Until the mask is changed. Enter left.

Mistakes learned, flaws erased
The dragging baggage of before is lifted
And now mine time has cometh.
Yet again, papers fall. Words scream.
This mask grows as well. And so, the next.
The next, encore. And so so soon,
I find a pile of masks discarded, disgusted.
Exit rear.

But now I know. This mask is new
Different from those before.
Upon my face, the new persona
Is born, and soon I enter right
Remember lines, Improvise the rest.
And no longer does the exit's
Wide mouth open, beckon, curse.
Who needs to learn, when these
Fifteen minutes is all I need.
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January 23, 2010
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